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CEFLA: Var Group and VMware assure secure, self-service management of corporate devices

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To harmonize efficiency across various business areas and enhance the management of all scalable company devices, CEFLA has chosen Var Group as its technology partner, along with VMware's Unified Endpoint Management solution, Workspace ONE. Today, the entire group can centrally manage a rapidly growing fleet of machines.

CEFLA is a large industrial group that has operated in the global market for 90 years in various sectors with a unique philosophy: believing in talent and investing in ideas. Each production field is represented by a dedicated Business Unit. Cefla Engineering designs, builds, and manages technological systems in civil, industrial, and energy sectors, improving the well-being and comfort of the places where people live, work, and share leisure moments. CEFLA Finishing is a global leader in the design and production of industrial solutions for painting, decoration, and digital printing on wood and various materials. CEFLA Medical Equipment supports the field of dentistry, from digital radiology to dynamic instrumentation, from sterilization systems to medical devices for implantology and oral surgery. C-LED, the latest business born within CEFLA, designs and produces LED-powered products, innovative services that utilize "unique smart technologies," architectural lighting solutions, and horticulture lighting.

In such a dynamic and multifaceted environment, "mobility" becomes a keyword.

Today, a single integrated ERP is used for all group companies. However, especially in production and warehouse management, some functions are increasingly being used in a mobile context. To improve the management of all devices, which are inherently scalable, CEFLA sought a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution with the concrete goal of smartly organizing the growing device fleet, with a significant increase expected in 2022.

And then, Var Group and VMware Workspace ONE entered the picture.

Following a software selection process that lasted less than a month, during which positive feedback and references were collected, the company chose Workspace ONE, VMware's UEM solution. Thanks to Var Group, the technology partner in this significant investment, the implementation of the solution was also very rapid. Within sixty days, a self-service management of Cefla devices became available through setup and security-related settings.

Before and after the technology investment: what has changed?

The internal organization has been revolutionized: in the past, external suppliers had to be involved for any critical issues, but now they are only called when a device is damaged. Each user can now automatically configure their own device with email and the most useful apps for their operations. Thanks to Workspace ONE's scalability, greater control has been achieved over each device, along with flexible and secure configuration management that can be changed on the fly for user groups with preliminary testing to reduce the margin of error. Finally, there is always an up-to-date record of the entire machine fleet; the system also produces real-time census and distribution of all devices in a centralized manner.

A journey of continuous growth and innovation.

Var Group has helped the client make a tangible change in their daily operations in a very short time. By immediately understanding internal needs, and leveraging an already established relationship, as well as involving a reliable vendor like VMware from the start, Var Group proposed a solution that met expectations more precisely and cost-effectively. This initiated dedicated meetings with specialized teams that transferred expertise on the solution, creating a shared growth path that will continue into the future.