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Technological innovation according to Banca Cambiano 1884

Banca Cambiano 1884

The historic Tuscan institution chooses Var Group for its distinctive consulting approach and Cisco's Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions to standardize the telephone system and make internal communication simple and immediate, allowing them to provide excellent service to their customers.

Banking and digitization: a partnership aimed at service excellence

Banca Cambiano 1884 was established at the end of the 19th century as a Cooperative Loan Fund - a groundbreaking innovation in savings management. Over the years, a series of significant corporate operations has created an entity that now boasts 42 branches in Tuscany, Lazio, Piemonte, and Emilia. The bank provides banking and financial products, particularly related to asset management and investment services. Believing in technology when it brings tangible benefits in everyday life, Banca Cambiano was among the first to introduce paperless transactions at its counters. Furthermore, it embodies a model of a local bank where direct customer contact requires a high level of service, achievable only through fast internal communication and the right tools.

Choosing the right technology to simplify and enhance strategic areas

In recent years, the growth through the acquisition of new companies led Banca Cambiano to integrate different systems and manage inconsistency in their phone systems, which hindered communication among employees. They wanted to standardize the technological infrastructure and eliminate the cost associated with fragmented management. Furthermore, they aimed to make communication simpler and more seamless, allowing it to be initiated from any device. In short, they were seeking a solution with standardized systems connected to a single centralized management console to facilitate direct and smooth interaction among individuals.

Var Group and Cisco enter the field

In this project, Var Group's distinctive consultative approach, with which the Tuscan bank has been collaborating for many years, has combined with the technological capabilities of a brand like Cisco, which needs no introduction and offers an integrated ecosystem of innovative solutions. The Var Group consulting team conducted a technical and economic analysis of the systems, which demonstrated how to optimize the management costs of data and voice carrier lines (Tim/Wind/Vodafone) and allowed for the consideration of a new investment. Continuous cost monitoring and analysis provide a clear and updated picture of the services delivered, enabling corrective actions to be taken if necessary. Furthermore, Var Group's support in drafting the tender specifications to be submitted to suppliers provided the final push to materialize the design of a new data and VoIP infrastructure distributed across all branches, an innovative video conferencing system, and the creation of a single management point that now resides in Var Group's redundant data centers.

Internal collaboration transforms

Today, people work together using many different tools: IP telephony for voice calls, multimedia rooms set up and equipped for video conferences, voicemail, desktop sharing, instant messaging, and much more. Cisco's Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions integrate all of these tools, creating a seamless user experience that helps workgroups operate with greater efficiency. From anywhere and on any device. This change also benefits customers who now enjoy an even more efficient, clear, and comprehensive service.

An important investment made together with Cisco and Var Group destined to evolve

Renewing the entire telephone system has led to a uniform brand identity, which saves costs and management time every day. The collaboration aspect, which became crucial during the pandemic, has evolved thanks to a completely scalable and flexible solution that seamlessly integrated into the existing setup, streamlining internal processes. With Cisco Communication Manager, Banca Cambiano is now autonomous in managing the platform, and its user-friendly nature minimizes inefficiencies. Furthermore, Cisco technology has seamlessly aligned with the historical value of the branches through tailored solutions. Above all, it allowed the integration of technological innovation at all levels, tailoring it to the needs and tools of every user, ultimately enhancing life within the bank