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Style, fantasy and a constant new outlook on the world

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Monnalisa, the historic Italian kids’ and teens’ fashion clothing brand, made of quality and creativity its trademark. For this reason, Adacto | Adiacent built a tailor made project to best express the essence of Monnalisa through engaging experiences.
Magic Mirror: it's whole other story.

Some famous fairy tales and stories begin with a magic mirror. Monnalisa’s Magic Mirror is an enchanted tool that can create new scenarios and carry people somewhere fantastic. In this case, the magic behind the mirror is technology: you can’t see it, but it moves the magic.

Software development for a new retail experience.

Magic Mirror has been installed in Monnalisa’s boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan and it has a sensitive touch screen, with a motion-tracking technology, thanks to which customers and visitors can have an immersive interaction through augmented reality effects. The visitor can enrich his look wearing virtual accessories and can dive himself into fantasy places he can interact with in real time thanks to the machine motion sensors.

A digital support for Sales Assistant.

Magic Mirror is much more: it’s an innovative tool that helps Sales Assistants in store. Thanks to the interactive navigation of the lookbook, shopping time is fun. Magic Mirror rewrites the in-store experience, creating new paths and new possibilities. A whole other story!

App Style Office: creativity needs reliable office

Stories would not exists without their creators: the authors. In the case of Monnalisa, we are talking about the Style Office. The creative lab lays the foundation for new collections and for the future of the brand. We developed an Enterprise App to make the Style Office more digital and performing, to better support Monnalisa with a punctual centralisation of information and a more effective control of business processes. We listened to creatives, we started from the heart of the brand and we asked ourselves about the real needs of these people.

Look-App: closer to clients thanks to Monnalisa’s App

Which are the best stories?
Those that get straight to the heart and that can let you feel part of them. This is the essence of Monnalisa’s app for final customers. It comes from a synergic collaboration with Monnalisa’s creative team, aiming to build a platform useful both to enrich user experience and brand awareness. The app gives the possibility to explore Monnalisa’s collections and all the news about the brand.

Gamification: free your creativity with Monnalisa’s interactive Photobooth
The shopping experience is even more magical if customers have fun and get excited. The interactive Photobooth engages parents and kids, who feel the protagonists of Monnalisa’s world: they can take a picture and customise it with frameworks and stickers. The App is in constant evolution: new functionalities are going to be released soon, creating loyalty programs and giving access to exclusive contents and products.